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THE Radio History

Dynex Radio was born in 1979 the first broadcast was a fact, the capital of the Netherlands Amsterdam was one radio station richer.
We want to do something different in life... to give more freedom... to create our own sound and music to send it into the world.
But at the time the world was only a small part of the capital city of Amsterdam.
We did a lot of things at the time from the radio station to The Dynex Drive-in Show....
And with the advent of the Internet, we saw more opportunities, it started with a small computer in 2002 with the first software to
broadcast on the internet.
Dynex radio is still running and now streaming for about 22 years altogether more than 40 years of your own greasy music station on the air.
We are happy to do it, and if you also are happy we are all happy in our world of radio making and listening.

Dynex is your personal Music Station for everyone 24/7! You can listen by clicking on the 'listen' button.

Dynex Radio
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